Surgical removal of Artefill from cheeks?

Hello, I had artefill injected into my cheeks (fat pad area) 3 years ago and I feel it is overeilled and ages me. Could anyone recommend a surgeon who specializes in removing permanent filler from the face? PS Please do not reply with warnings against permanent fillers unless there is also a recommendation to go with it, there is a lot of that on the site. I am looking for a solution for something that is already in my face. Thank you!

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Removing Artefill from the face

Silicone and artefill can both be removed from the cheeks. It is important to first gauge the level of involvement, the Grade of tissue reaction, and the incisions to be used for removal. 


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Artefill in the cheeks

Hi Margarita,

Thanks for your question. I am sorry that you are had a poor result from you filler. Since the spheres from the artful are PMMA, it hard to remove it but it can be done. The pieces need to be made smaller. I have had some great success with finding the specific large areas and using a laser, like one using for neck lipo to make the granules or pieces smaller. I am not a fan of steroid injections unless they are precise as it can cause your fat to dissolve. There is nothing wrong with getting permanent fillers but it must be done safely and in the appropriate plane of insertion which is grossly different from temporary fillers. Good Luck!

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Surgical removal of Artefill from cheeks

I would recommend seeing a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon in your area to consult about surgical removal of Artefill from your cheeks.  

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Artefill / Bellafill Removal

I suggest a filler expert who uses a significant amount of semi permanent and permanent fillers.  Sometimes 5fu/steroid injections and RF treatments work to improve this area without any surgery needed.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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