Help using bathroom.

Why are people buying walkers, is it tight muscle pain that makes it difficult or the incision? And do you think a crutch would help with using the bathroom or would a chair or stool be better?

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Walkers being used after Tummy Tuck

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Great question.  I recommend that my patients walk bent over for two weeks after  Tummy Tuck surgery so the use of a walker makes getting around easier.  The discomfort patients experience after surgery is usually more from the muscles being tightened than the incision itself.  As for using the bathroom, some of my patients have used a toilet seat extender.  You should check with your Plastic Surgeon as to what instructions and recommendations they have for your specific recovery. Best of Luck.

Help using bathroom

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Thank you for your question it is difficult to answer this question without knowing for what surgery if you would specify. 

Tummy tuck

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I prefer patients keeping slightly hunched over for several days until the tissues soften a bit.  Best of luck.

Difficult to answer based upon too little information provided.

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you did not mention what surgery you were specifically asking about.  it is difficult/impossible to answer this question without knowing this. 

Joseph D. Alkon, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon

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