Can my torn earlobe heal by itself without surgery? Is there anything I can apply for a faster healing process? (photos)

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Earlobe hole

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Thank you for your question and photos but i am sad to say there is nothing non-surgical to fix this.  Your best option is an earlobe repair.  This procedure is usually performed in the office with numbing.  

Healing of stretched earlobe hole

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Luckily your stretched earlobe scar has not torn all the way through to the bottom of your earlobe. However the skin from the front of you earlobe is now connected to the skin behind your earlobe along the whole length of the stretched scar, so there is now no way of it healing in by itself. However you should have a very good result from surgery.

Earlobe repair for stretched earlobe "holes"

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Your earlobes will not "heal" by themselves.  The "tracts" or "holes" are vertically or longitudinally stretched as is very common with time, age, and wearing heavy earrings over time.  The best solution in my opinion is to repair this and allow it to fully heal.  This is a simple office procedure I do commonly.  We typically re-pierce the earlobes 6 weeks after healing.  I hope this helps!

Can my torn earlobe heal by itself without surgery? Is there anything I can apply for a faster healing process?

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Your earlobes appear stretched.  If they had a tear as well, the potentially something could have been addressed at that time.  From the pictures I would guess that the holes are fully lined with skin and will not heal themselves (as in close on their own).  The repair is simple and can be done under local anesthesia alone in an office setting.  Best wishes.

Garrett A. Wirth, MD, MS, FACS

Wirth Plastic Surgery

Stretched earlobe piercings

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Your photos show earlobe piercings which appear stretched and lined with skin.  I do not believe these will heal by themselves, as skin-lined edges are not meant to "heal" to each other.  Your likely best next step is to schedule a consult and earlobe repair--a procedure where the skin lining the stretched piercing is removed, the piercing is closed with sutures, and the earlobe re-pierced in a more favorable position.  These procedures are generally performed by Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists under local anesthesia.  Good luck!

Inessa Fishman, MD
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Not able to heal without surgery

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The slit has formed by the earrings partly tearing through, sometimes over a period of time. The gap left behind has new skin on the edges.  This is removed under a local anaesthetic to freshen the edges that can then be sutured together with fine sutures that are removed at about 5 to 7 days. The ears can then be re pierced about 2 to 3 months later.

Earlobe tears healing without surgery

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Thank you for your question! If you have the opportunity to see your facial plastic surgeon within hours after the tear injury, a more simple suture repair may be performed. Unfortunately, earlobe tears require surgical management whether immediate or delayed. A delayed evaluation would require removal of the epithelial tract prior to suture repair. We typically leave sutures in place for 6-7 days, and will repierce the patients ears approximately I would suggest visiting a board certified facial plastic surgeon with your concerns.

Stephen P. Smith, Jr., MD
Columbus Facial Plastic Surgeon

Wont heal

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Unfortunately your ear lobes won't heal up without surgery. The skin heals around the tear elongating it if anything rather than shrinking it. There are a couple to techniques that allow the ears to be repierced during the surgery although you should not wear anything other than studs for 4 weeks after. 

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

Will ear slit fix itself?

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Your earlobe slits are not capable of self-repair. The longer they become, the greater the chance that you will lose your earrings as they fall through the holes. The earlobes can be repaired under local anesthetic. It only takes about a half hour. You can expect healed earlobes and repierce at about 8 weeks after repair.

Earlobe Tear

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Thank you for you inquiry. This happens to so many of my patients. Best would be to repair it surgically for proper healing and aesthetic outcome. Its a quick procedure done with local anesthesia. You can re pierce your ear after a few months. Always see a board certified plastic surgeon.

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