Broken tooth at gum line, root left behind?

What is the worst that coukd happen.if a tooth breaks off at the gum line and the roots are left (never extracted)? There is no pain with broken tooth at all and no sensitivity to biting, hot or cold. Root canal was done previously.

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Fractured tooth concerns

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You asked what is the worst that can happen? Although quite rare the worst that can happen is that infection can leak down through though the fractured root and eventually spread into your brain and cause death. more common is that the infection will stay more localized but still be a slow drip into the rest of your body. Don't let the absence of pain convince you that there is no cause for concern. Many severe infections and diseases never have a painful component. See a dentist soon to look at your options--good luck

Just because it doesn't hurt...

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 Does high blood pressure hurt? Does diabetes her? No, but they can reek havoc on your body and in extreme cases kill you… 

The same is true of your broken tooth root, root canal or not.

The following will likely happen if the root is not properly removed

  1. Infection
  2. swelling
  3. bone loss
  4. pain

 You should strongly consider replacing that tooth with a dental implant as well to prevent the bone loss, shifting of the teeth and premature aging.

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