Dermaroller 2.5 and laser hair removal sessions? How long should I separate between sessions?

How long should I separate between a laser hair removal session and a dermaroller session size 2.5? And how often should a size 2.5 dermaroller should be used? And how many sessions does it take to notice a difference? Are there any things I should stay clear of before or after the dermaroller session? Thank you!

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Dermaroller and LHR

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You should wait until the skin is healed before doing the next dermaroller procedure. At least a couple days. LHR takes at least 3-4 sessions to see results.

Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Micro-needling and laser hair removal

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You do not have to penetrate very deeply to reach the keratinocyte, a cell that is in the superficial layers of the skin, to release several key growth factors that facilitate ideal skin rejuvenation. We are seeing excellent results with needle lengths of 0.25 to 0.5 mm. Needles longer than 1.5 mm should not be used on the face as there are reports of scarring from this treatment, especially along the cheekbone.

Regarding your question about laser hair removal, a new product called Melaser has just been introduced into the US. It is a melanin solution that, when combined with micro-needling the skin to enhance its penetration, laser hair removal becomes more effective for destroying light colored hair as well. It is currently being marketed in the US by ProCell Therapies.

Also, rollers such as the Dermaroller create a more erratic pattern of "tears" through the skin rather than the clean, more evenly distributed punctures seen with motorized micro-needling machines. In my office, we use the ProCell Therapies system which combines motorized micro-needling with concentrated human growth factor serums made from human stem cells. 

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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