Dryness in Nose After Turbinectomy?

I had a turbinectomy done about 10 days ago with a septoplasty and cosmetic rhinoplasty. I have a lot of dryness in my nose. Is this normal?

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These are questions you should be asking your own surgeon!

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Markky_03, you have asked a total of 4 questions, all of them good and reasonable, but all of them best referred to the surgeon you paid for your operation. Any of us online consultants serve only to give general answers that may or may not apply to the specifics of your individual case, anatomy, and surgical procedure.

The purpose of this forum is to help provide "second opinions" or additional information when what your own doctor is providing is unclear or if you have concerns that you feel uncomfortable about.

But in almost all cases, your own surgeon has vested interest in your results, your happiness with the information provided, and overall satisfaction that would merit referral of others to his/her care. That's how we build and maintain our practices.

Unless you have a "lemon" of a surgeon, we welcome questions, as each of us has a slightly different "spin" on our answers, as you can read in various responses. Your own surgeon should get your attention, as it is s/he you chose to perform your operation (and the one you paid to care for you as well!) Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Dry nose after turbinate reduction

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This soon after nasal surgery like a rhinoplasty or turbinate reduction, the nose will definitely be dry. You might want to try using an over-the-counter saline spray three or four times a day and apply vaseline to the inside of the nose to increase the moisturization as the region heals.


-Dr. Jamil Asaria, MD FRCSC

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Dry Nose

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Ten days from surgery:  What has your surgeon said about nasal dryness after surgery?  Please call him and he will explain what is specifically best for you at this time.

Robert Shumway, MD
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Dryness after turbinectomy

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The turbinates are there to disrupt the airflow in such a way as to humidify the air as we breathe. Turbinectomy has a well known risk of nasal dryness. At 10 days, however, your nose is healing and any dryness is part of this process rather than airflow imbalance. Try a saline nasal spray for now.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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