Droopy Eyelids in 25 Year Old?

I have droopy tired looking eyes. They feel heavy and my eyesight is bad. I look tired all the time and I'm only 25 years old. My brother also has very droopy eyes too so could it be genetic? I can't even put makeup on my eyes properly. Is there surgery to fix this, would it be worth the risk? I may also add that I have a rare genetic neurological condition which affects my limbs, I wonder whether my neurological condition may make my eyes weak too. Thanks

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There are many genetic syndromes that include upper eyelid ptosis.

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I would recommend assessment by an oculoplastic consultant to assess your ptosis.  However, at least in your photos, your ptosis is not so profound and this degree of ptosis might be considered cosmetic.  If there is a genetic basis to your ptosis, it might very well run in the family.  For this reason, seeking an appropriate assessment is the right thing to do even if you do not immediately need surgery to address the issue.

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