Hematoma After Tummy Tuck

My Dr Thinks I May Have a Hematoma After a Tummy Tuck, Can It Reabsorb? How is It Fixed?

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Bleeding after a Tummy Tuck

If you have a hematoma after your tummy tuck it is best addressed by removal.  It can be drained but it is best in my opinion surgically removed so that the source of bleeding can be identified.  If left untreated the hematoma will most likely get infected.

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A Blood Collection (Hematoma) after a Tummy Tuck

Regarding: "Hematoma After Tummy Tuck
My Dr Thinks I May Have a Hematoma After a Tummy Tuck, Can It Reabsorb? How is It Fixed

Hematoma is the Greek term for a collection of blood. You must have had some post-surgical bleeding. This is most commonly associated with coughing, straining or retching/vomiting which both raises our blood pressure and violently tenses the abdominal muscles. Your odds for this complication are much higher if you take any medications which prolong bleeding / thin blood such as Aspirin, Advil, Ibuprofen, Garlic, Vitamin E etc.

Hematomas are managed differently by WHEN the come on, their SIZE and if they keep growing (IE expanding). A large hematoma, any hematoma putting pressure on an important organ and any sign of progressive increase in size / expansion would need to be treated with surgery to evacuate the blood and look for and stop a bleeding vessel. A minor, small hematoma may be left alone for the body to break down and absorb.

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Management of a hematoma

There may be different forms of a hematoma. One is an expanding hematoma that requires urgent surgical drainage. In most cases this requires opening the wound.  Small contained hematomas may resorb on their own but can cause areas of very firm tissue (fribrous). If they can be identified, hematomas may pass through differerent stages. At first they may form gelatinous clots than can only be evacuated with an open incision. In other cases of stable hematomas with no threat to the overlying skin or surroungding structures, surgeons may wait 7-10 days for the hematoma to liquefy at which time it can be aspirated via a needle or cannula. In some cases ultrasound guidance can be used.

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Hematoma after tummy tuck--what to do?

Well, it sounds like you've already seen your plastic surgeon and been told you may have a hematoma. I'm assuming it's not a very large one, since you are home on the internet and not back in surgery for treatment.  So, if it's a small blood collection, it may indeed resolve on its own.  You'll just be bruised and swollen a bit longer in that area. If it's larger, though, it may require evacuation with a small surgical procedure--usually using your existing incision to open and drain the blood collection.  What did your surgeon tell you about this?

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