Post Op Tummy Tuck - When Can I Start Going on my Treadmill?

Hi I am post op day 11 After having a full TT with MR and Lipo of lower back and flanks,I appear to be healing well,and already was cleaning the house post op day 4,At post op day 5 I was working,and POst op day 7 I was alone caring for my three little children,walking to the day care and cleaning and working.SO I was wondering if I could start doing just some cardio...walking at a medium pace on my threadmill? Thanks

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Activity and treadmill after tummy tuck

I generally advise my patients to increase their activity on the treadmill as MPH = # weeks of recovery. For example Week 1 = 1 MPH, Week 2 =2 MPH, Week 3 = 3 MPH, etc.

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Exercise following Tummy Tuck

It sounds as if you have been quite active early following your tummy tuck.  I personally would not have a problem with you walking on treadmill at this point in your recovery if it were done at a normal pace.  However, this is a question which is best asked of your plastic surgeon.

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Post op tummy tuck. When can I get on treadmill?

I am a bit concerned with the activity that you have been doing.  Sometimes we see people that were doing OK and then at 3 weeks start to have issues.  Walking at a leisurely pace usually at least couple of weeks out.  Every case is different.  Also different plastic surgeons use different techniques.  You may have high or low tension across the scar depending on the technique and your individual case.  You also had liposuction, an additional procedure.

I would ask your plastic surgeon directly as he knows you best, and knows exactly what he did.

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