Little Hole After Removing a Forgotten Stitch from Tummy Tuck. Will It Go Away?

My Dr. used both, dissolvable and external stitches, everything healed fine,except for a little spot at the center of the incision, it had been wet and white for some time. 2 days ago I decided to clean up some of the white stuff after taking a shower and I saw a blue little knot from the external stitches which were removed about to 2 weeks after surgery, so I just pulled it out and it came right off, but now I have a little hole! will it close by it self, my Dr. is 3000 km from where I am!

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Little hole in tummy tuck incision

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In most instances this hole will disappear when the stitch is fully absorbed. In the case of permanent stitches, this may need to be removed first.

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Wound separation after tummy tuck

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Small wound separations can occur after large body contouring operations and almost always heal. If the separation was due to a suture poking through the skin, then it will almost certainly close up once the suture has been removed. Smoking will delay wound healing, so remember not to smoke. You may want to add some Vitamin C to your diet to help facilitate healing.

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