9 days post op - scans are starting to fall off but I've noticed some scabs have hairs in them

I'm 9 days post op and scabs have been falling off my head after washing for past day or so. I have not scrubbed or anything only lightly patted my head or rolled my fingers over the top of my scalp. Some of the scabs have little hairs stuck to them. Only appears to be hairs no roots or anything like that. Is this something to worry about?

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Scabs after hair transplant

it is normal to have the scabs fall off after one to two weeks. As they fall off, the hair shaft may fall off with them. However the follilces will remain under the skin and will start to grow in after a few months. 

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Scabs falling out 9 days after hair transplant

kammyka85,That sounds like a textbook perfect description of a normal 9 days post-transplant event. Scabs start falling out 5 days out, and increase as time passes. Some of the scabs contain hair shafts without the bulb, entirely normal!

Bernardino Arocha, MD
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If you are having issues after surgery with scabs and having hair loss you should contact your doctor.

If you are having issues after surgery with scabs and having hair loss you should contact your doctor.  

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Shedding after a hair transplant

At 9 days, it is very common to shed the grafts and the hair. Within a month, all of the transplanted grafts will have fallen out and will regrow in 2-6 months. Be patient

William Rassman, MD
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Does the hair come out with the scabs following a hair transplant?

It is normal for the hair to shed following a hair transplant.  Sometimes the scabs that come off will have hairs in them.  They should look like a little "J" at the base of the follicle.  Following a transplant, the hairs will continue to elongate for a few days.  The base of the follicle starts to move toward the surface of the skin, dragging the bulb of the follicle with it.  This causes the formation of a "J" hair.  The cells that produce the hair follicle remain behind in a dormant state while the transplanted hairs fall out.  it is actually good for these hairs to come out because they are just dead keratin that will induce a foreign body reaction if they remain behind.  Thus, you want them to come out.  If they remain, you are likely to see pimple like reactions in the recipient area.  You want to avoid this as much as possible so it is important to remove anything that is not growing.

John P. Cole, MD
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