What is the maximum weight to have liposuction?

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Liposuction - what is the maximum weight

Thank you for asking about your maximum weight.
  • There isn't a maximum weight because it depends on your health, your height and your goal, as well as your weight.
  • If liposuction is done for cosmetic re-shaping of your body, then a BMI of 30 or less is needed.
  • You can calculate this by going on-line and searching BMI. All you need is your height & weight.
  • if you are over-weight, debulking liposuction can be done but you must lose weight afterwards to maintain your result.
  • Risks of surgery rise as your BMI rises - at a BMI above 40, liposuction is rarely done except to enhance the result of other surgery, such as a breast reduction.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Is there any ideal weight ?

Hello, you just asked and interesting point, in plastic surgery exist a lot of factors that involves you proccedures, one of than is the weight, there's no an ideal weight for plastic surgery becasue is a combination of you height, weight and % of fat on your body. The BMI for us is an important tool to make a decision if the patient are qualified to make a plastic surgery procedure.

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Weight and Lipo

In some ways, there is none.There are many factors such as height, body type, fat vs muscle, overall health, anatomic anesthesia considerations and - importantly - patient expectations. Best to see a p.s. or at least have an on-line consultation to begin gathering information specific to your case.

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