Is this male pattern hair loss? I used Minoxidil for 27 days and quit it yesterday. Pics included after getting buzz cut.

In Aug 2016 i moved to another country for work, just after 2 weeks my hair loss increased because of change in weather and routine. last month i started using minoxidil twice daily in the first week then switched to once daily before bed. after 2 weeks of using, hair shed started baby hair along with thick healthy hair so i stopped it yesterday as i was really depressed seeing baby hair falling. will i experience this hair shed even though i have only used minoxidil for less than a month?

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Will I experience hair loss if I only used minoxidil for one month?

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You certainly appear to have male pattern hair loss but be sure to see an expert for a review of your story and up close examination of the scalp. With the scalp shaved, many types of hair loss look identical and the overall appearance of hair loss is minimized. Yes, a shed can occur even if minoxidil has only been used a few days. It's normal to shed for the first 8-10 weeks of using minoxidil.

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Understanding Hair loss and treatment options: prp and progesterone

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You need to keep using Minoxidil in order to keep your results. I suggest seeing a hair loss expert to evaluate and go over your condition and provide you information about your best treatment options. There are great non-invasive options like PRP/progesterone and/or hair transplantation. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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