Can doctors redo them if the patient is not happy with their results?

Hi I was wondering is it possible for my doctor to redo my breast if I'm not too happy with the results? But at no extra charge? I had my 2nd breast augmentation on Thursday 26 of December & I got 650cc silicone gel Natrelle HP style 20. My 1st breast augmentation was back in February 13, 2004 got 475cc in Saline (my natural were 34/36B) that gave me 36D. Now after with my 2nd surgery they do not look that big :( I was wondering if most doctor's will redo them the surgery to make their patient happy?

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Revision surgery

Each doctor has their own policy regarding revisions especially when it come to implants because of the cost of the implants themselves as well as operating room and anesthesia costs.  You should wait at least six months before any other surgery and I would not go any larger than what you have now.

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Revision surgery

should not ever be 'free' unless your doctor really did something that you clearly did not want.  How did you choose the size?  And your volume is much larger so why the dissatisfaction?   If you chose the volume to upsize, its your responsibility.  If your surgeon chose for you and guaranteed you would reach a certain volume, then it falls to your surgeon. 

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Can doctors redo them if the patient is not happy with their results?

I am sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction after breast surgery. Best for you to communicate your questions and concerns with your plastic surgeon and a calm and constructive fashion. Hopefully, working together you will be able to formulate a plan to best achieve your goals.

When it comes to financial arrangements, every office policy will be different to some degree. I think that you will find that most practices, will charge patients for services related to surgery center, anesthesia services, supplies (such as breast implants etc.).  Surgeon's fees, however may be discounted or waived.

 I hope this helps.

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Unfortunately there are expenses/costs that most MD's have in order to do the surgery which make it very difficult for them to do a second surgery for free. Most physcians may not charge another professional fee but there would be operating room and supply fees. Think about it the implant manufacturer is not going to give a free pair of implants to every patient that wishes to change size so there are costs that are not going to go away and size concerns after surgery are the most common complaint. Dr. Corbin

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