Do Doctors Ever Do Probono Work? I Really Need my Breast Fixed but Can't Afford This.

I've had my implants in for over 13yrs there over the muscle i got 475cc they are sagging really bad their just to big for me. I think i just want them out is this expensive? HELP

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Breast implant removal

To keep it simple and the costs down, implant removal can be done under local anesthesia in about half an hour, assuming it is a straightforward case. The cost of having this done in my office is about $2000.

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Breast Implant Removal Cost Concerns

If money is the critical issue of whether you can have this procedure then consider contacting a local University Plastic Surgery Residency program. They often can offer reduced rates for a resident to do the surgery under the guidance of a faculty member. Other ways to reduce costs if appropriate to your situation is to have the procedure done under local anesthesia and in an outpatient surgery center then within a hospital if your health and surgeon and PMD indicate this is a reasonable option

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Probono work

When it comes to cosmetic surgery surgery there is no probono work. There are however, placed that do surgery at a very discounted rates. 

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Do Doctors Ever Do Probono Work? I Really Need my Breast Fixed but Can't Afford This.

You can go on the internet and research companies that can help you financially with your breast implants.

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Pro bono work

Most plastic surgeons do or have done some work at no charge, usually for indigent infants or patients who have a congenital deformity, or a traumatic injury. For cosmetic surgery which requires maintenance, it is harder to find assistance because it is purely elective and cosmetic. You might try to save money over time or borrow money from a lender to obtain the funds for your procedure. Just removing the implants will not be that expensive, depending on where it is done, and probably less expensive at the place where they were put in. However, this will leave you with empty, possibly sagging skin so doing something about the looseness might add to the cost.

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Probono Work

From time to time, surgeons do perform work that is greatly reduced to help patients. Moreover, you can also consult with teaching hospitals for possible assistance. Contact board certified plastic surgeons to ensure that you are going to a legitimate expert.

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Removal of Breast Implants and Cost?

Thank you for the question.

You will find that generally speaking removal of breast implants is relatively inexpensive. Exactly what costs are will depend on  specific factors such as whether the procedure can be done under local  anesthesia or whether  general anesthesia is necessary.  Also, given that you describe your breasts as “sagging”,  breast lifting may be beneficial once the breast implants are removed.

You will probably be best served by contacting board-certified plastic surgeons in your area,  seeking consultation, and finding out what the best option for you is.  Although your concerns about costs are understandable, be careful about making costly primary deciding factor on choosing a plastic surgeon...

Best wishes.


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