Can Smartlipo put a person at risk for cancer with using the laser what are the risk?

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Smart Lipo

Thank you for your question. Smart Lipo TriPlex/Celulaze utilizes a sequential firing of wavelengths to eliminate fatty tissue while coagulating the skin to optimize tightening effcts. It is the only proven and FDA approved method of permanent cellulite reduction in the United States. Smart Lipo has been approved by the FDA for its safety and effectiveness. Many of the risks associated with facial plastic surgical and non-surgical procedures are related to the recovery so it is best that you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon and follow the recovery instructions carefully and diligently.Best wishes,

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No link between Smartlipo and cancer

Smartlipo if done by a board certified PS should have very few risks. the biggest risk is that you wanted better results. it is important to remember that it is a great tool but it is not magic. if you want to look your best, you will want to increase your exercising and improve your diet. 
it is very rare to get serious side effects if done properly. I have done over 600 Smartlipo cases in my office with local anesthetic and frequently oral sedation. Since you are not being put to sleep, there is very little chance of a DVT and the serious complications from a DVT. 

David E. Berman, MD
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SmartLipo Side Effects -- Consider VASER

No, SmartLipo cannot cause cancer. When liposuction is performed by a board certified cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon, side effects will be minimal and can include swelling, bruising, and lumpiness. I find that the combination of water and ultrasound (VASER) gives the best hi definition result. I think laser does very little for the ultimate outcome.  Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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