Doctor Gave Me Bigger Implants Without my Consent, Should I Go Back To Him For Removal?

Went in for breast augmentation in hopes of just going up a couple sizes. Doctor took it upon himself to go larger than we discuss. I am 5 feet 120 pound girl and had somewhat of a small saggy c cup before sugery woke up after with 550cc huge breast I expressed I wasn't happy immediately but recommended I waited 6 months which now I have to pay to have them removed. should I go back or do you think it will be risky to trust the doctor again what if he makes me worse on purpose

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Doctor Gave Me Bigger Implants Without my Consent

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Thanks for the question and it is an important one. First, I doubt you consented to a specific number of ccs or even to a top end of a range of ccs. But I am sure you discussed your goal as to look. Most surgeons will redo this problem at little cost to you in the first three months. If the doctor specifically asked you to wait 6 months it was not so he could charge you again but that he knows many patients take awhile to become accustomed to the change and ultimately will not want them out. By all means speak with your surgeon again and explain your concern. Do not go to the visit in a confrontational manner but simply let him know the size is not acceptable for you and you would like a better size now. I'm sure he will accomodate you. Remember in our profession we get business by making people happy and none of us want an unhappy patient.

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Breast Implant size

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There are many factors to consider when chosing the breast implant size. One of these is patient's wishes. In my practice the patient has to agree or tell me the exact implant size that she wishes. Even if she leaves the decision to me she will have to agree on a size then one implant size above and one implant size below.

Implant size is chosen based on

1: breast base measurement

2: breast height

3: Skin elasticity

4: patient choice of look and size.

I can advise you if you choose the wrong size, and what are the consequences.

You need to make sure what you have agreed upon with your surgeon.

You also need to trust your surgeon before surgery, and you need to be informed of all your options in any surgery.

Samir Shureih, MD
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