I Am Very Disappointed with my Results. No Results? (photo)

I did my surgery 7 week ago, and the doctor said that he put me 180cc in each side, that was all the fat that he take off from, and you can see in the picture before the surgery i have a lot of fat in my back and my abs, so i think so that the doctor could put more, i am very sad and disappointed because i dont have a big butt, nobody can see the different with the 180cc, and i spend to much money. Its that true that i just have that small amount of fat on my body? What i can do for haveabig but

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Disappointing results

If you were thin before surgery and did not have a lot of fat, then it is possible that your surgeon could only get this much to transfer to your buttocks. However, it is difficult to give you a response without knowing your pre surgery measurements or seeing a pre surgery pic. I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment, but please return to your surgeon to see if there is something else that can be done. Best of luck.

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Lost after Brazilian but left

The amount that can be harvested through liposuction is based upon how much fat you have to start. It is best that he speak with your plastic surgeon about the amount he or she was able to harvest.  It is hard to make a determination from the photos that have been placed on-line.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Results

It is impossible to give you more information without comparing your results to your pre-op appearance. 180 cc is relatively small amounts to be placed in the buttock, but this could have been all that the surgeon could harvest. This is a conversation you should have with him. Too much fat can lead to increase fat loss, but you do have an option for a secondary procedure to create more volume.  Best of luck, Vincent Marin, MD
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