Injecting Fat into the Lateral Buttocks Vs Injecting Fat into the Hips?

I have narrow hips and tend to carry most of my fat in my abdomen area. I would like to decrease my waist line with liposuction and have the fat transferred to the hips. Is it better to have the fat injected into the lateral buttocks or injected into the hips? Which is a preferred method?

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Fat Transfer

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Taking the fat from the abdomen, flanks and lower back can reshape your body. The fat is injected to the areas that need it to give you a round or A frame.

Computer imaging can help you decide during the consultation.

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Fat Grafting To Hips

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Since your objective is to get a more narrow waistline and widen your hips, the fat should be injected right over the iliac crests of the hips back into the upper buttock areas. The lateral buttock area is below the hip level and achieves buttock enlargement but not hip expansion.

Where should fat be injected: the hips or the lateral buttocks?

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Both the lateral buttocks and hips are areas that frequently require fat augmentation, with the hips being more common. You need to submit photos to be able to suggest preliminary recommendations for the appropriate site for fat injection. Ultimately you will need to be examined by a Board Certified plastic surgeon with experience in buttock augmentation using fat transplantation.


Where to inject fat into the buttocks?

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The appropriate location to inject fat is in the areas where you are deficient. This needs to be determined by an in person consultation and also your aesthetic desires.  There are reasons for both but this would need to be based upon a physical exam.

Best of luck!

Vincent P. Marin, MD
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