Is There a Way to Get More Natural Looking Stomach from Bbl?

I am interested in getting the bbl, one of my concerns is the appearance of the abdomen after the surgery. The stomach appears flat but unnatural looking. Can you work out after the surgery and build abdominal muscles? Or do you suggest working your abs before the surgery and gaining weight on top of the muscle?

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Abdomen appearance after BBL / aparencia del abdomen despues de transferencia de grasa

Patients should have a nicely shaped abdomen after getting a BBL. The real key here is whether or not you are an abdominal liposuction candidate.  If the patient has had a full term pregnancy in my practice I will not perform liposuction on her abdomen. This is because after the aggressive liposuction the patient will be left with asymmetry/folds and an unsightly abdomen.  Also large weight loss patients might also have the same laxity which can be worsened by liposuction.  The exception will be if the patient will be undergoing a tummy tuck in the future. 


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Los pacientes estan supuestos a quedarse con un abdomen bien definido despues de una transferencia de grasa. Lo importante es determinar si usted es candidata a una liposuccion abdominal. Yo no haria lipo en una paciente que haya tenido un embarazo completo. La razon se deve a despues de una liposuccion agresiva la paciente va quedarse con pliegues asimetricos y un abdomen disparejo. Ademas pacientes con perdida masiva de peso pueden tener la misma flacidez la cual puede lucir peor todavia despues de una lipo. La excepcion es se el paciente va someterse a una abdominoplastia en el futuro.

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Stomach after brazilian butt lift

I agree with the other surgeons, you should if expect your stomach to look very nice after liposuction if you are truly a canidate for liposuction. If you have redundant skin or stretch marks, liposuction may not be your best option. Flanks are another great harvest site for fat transfers if your abdomen isn't the best option. 

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Is there a way of getting a more natural looking abdomen after the BBL?

The BBL is becoming one of the most popular procedures. It often entails gettting fat from the abdomen in addition to other areas. How the abdomen will look after surgery depends a lot on what it looks like pre-op. You need to be examined by a plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns about the appearnce of the abdomen.

George Lefkovits, MD
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Brazilian Butt Lift

After liposuction of the abdomen, the abdomen should look natural. Discuss your concerns with the plastic surgeon and how you want the abdomen to look.

As for excercise, diet and excercise is healthy and good before and after the surgery.

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