What Type of Blood Work Needs to Be Done Before a BBL?

120 lbs 5'6 gaining weight for surgery

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What blood work is necessary before undergoing a BBL?

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The type of pre-op testing needed depends on one's age and health. A young to middle age person may need basic blood testing which tests for blood count, coagulation and electrolye and basic enzymes. A patient over 40 will often needs an EKG. If there is any health issue involved, then other tests including a medical clearnce from an internist will be rquired.

Brazilian Buttock Lift

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Ingeneral the preoperative tests needed depend on your age, general health, and your medical history and family hidtory.

We require full history and physical examination by your family physician and full blood work. Above the ge of 40 EKG. we also require full clearance by your family physician.

If all is normay then proceed with surgery. No shrt cuts, your safety comes first

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Blood work for a brazilian butt lift

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Thanks for your question -

In our San Francisco area practice we perform this operation frequently.  Removing fat from areas you don't want it and placing it over the buttocks to increase projection and improve shape can be a very powerful technique.

Usually for healthy patients a simple blood count is adequate.  

If there are other medical issues then additional tests may be necessary.

I hope this helps!

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