What questions should I ask at my breast reduction pre-op appointment? How clear should I be about what I want done?

I am 35, 5'5", 150 lbs, and I'm a size 34G. My breast reduction includes a free nipple graft (FNG); for what it's worth, I also have flat/inverted nipples. Ideally, the surgery would reduce my breast size as much as possible (I know there are limits). I also want liposuction on the sides, since that is where I hold a lot of fat. What should I ask the doctor in my pre op appointment? How can I best communicate my wishes? What issues should I also address?

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Breast reduction

Yes, I think that you should talk directly to your surgeon before surgery and review what is possible with him. 

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Consult questions

Hopefully your doctor will listen to all of your concerns & be able to answer all of your questions.
Don't be afraid to ask questions. I advise my patients to write down a list of everything that you can think of that you want to ask or answers you want to get.  Hopefully during the consult all these questions would be answered. All the best with what will be a life changing procedure for you. 

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Dr Kayser

Thank you for your question. Breast reduction is one of the most gratifying plastic surgery procedures and is usually performed in the outpatient setting. Current techniques involved the more traditional anchor or inverted t scar and the more lollipop type approaches. Each technique has pros and cons which need to be thoroughly discussed with your surgeon. The amount of breast reduction will also need to be discussed in order to evaluate your anticipated final outcome and size. The use of a free nipple graft is unusual and I have never needed it in my nearly 20 years performing breast reduction surgery. The ability to breastfeed and sensation changes are also important aspects to be aware of. In any case I would make sure that you have a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in the various approaches to breast surgery. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day. Dr. Kayser - Detroit

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