Derma Roller for Sunken Eyes??

I used derma roller for few acne scars(very very mild pitted scars) and it worked like magic, Now I'm wondering if I can roll under my eyes to improve sunken left eye, and I really also wonder why is it I only have one eye sunken not the other(left eye is sunken) while the other is alittle sunken but doesn't bother me, I used to drink meiji collagen and my eyes looked plump and firm and after stopping it my left eye got really worse with dark circle around it(only the left eye)

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Skin Texture Is Not What Causes A Sunken Eye

A dermaroller has its place for skin texture improvement but I would not think that the sunken eye problem would be where it would exert a beneficial effect.

Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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This skin roller with needles in my opinion is a scam.

The roller does cause minor trauma.  The theory is that it stimulated new collagen.  However, I have never seen a result from this procedure after the initial swelling resolves in about 10 days or so.  I think this is an ineffective waste of money and your time.  A personal assessment with an eyelid specialist will determine which of the effective approaches would actually be helpful for you.  Generally fillers have proven to be the best approach for a variety of reasons.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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