Did I injure my gel implant after cracking some ribs in a fall?

12 days go I tripped and fell hard on my left rib cage, and the left breast area over the rib is still very sore. I got silicone implants in 2005 after bilateral mastectomy. I've never had an MRI on them. Should I now, in case of a leak? I am 59, cancer free 11 years (DCIS).

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When should I get an MRI of my implants after breast reconstruction.

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Because your implants were placed performing breast reconstruction your insurance company will pay for an MRI. I have only been involved with one case of implants being ruptured after a very high speed car accident during which the ribs were completely broken and severely displaced (up through the implant). Cracked ribs likely did not damage the implants, but since your implants are 11 years old just the impact may have caused a weakness that develops over time to rupture.  Speak to your reconstructive surgeon and have an exam and get their opinion.

Do I need to get an MRI to evaluate my breasts after a fall?

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A physical examination of your breasts will probably not be sensitive enough to determine whether or not you have injury to your breast implants.  I would recommend starting out with either an ultrasound or an MRI to determine any injury and then going from there.

I hope that helps and wish you the very best!  Please let us know if there is anything that we can do!

All the best,

Gregory A Buford MD FACS

Plastic Surgeon/Author

Implanr broken after a fall?

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HI laura,

You need to see your doctor and possibly get an MRI to determine if your implant is broken. Physical examination is not always very reliable, but the MRI can provide you with more details.

Hope everything is OK.


Dr. Christine Rodgers

Did I injure my breast implants

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Thank you for your question. Sorry to hear about your fall. I think it's a wise idea to talk with your plastic surgeon and see if they recommend an MRI. An MRI should give you the Information you are looking for. Good luck. 

Breast implant assessments after trauma

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Make sure to ask your doctor for a prescription for an MRI to assess your breast implants, especially after a significant trauma to your chest area.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Possible implant rupture

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Thanks for your inquiry and I hope you are getting better after your fall.  I recommend you see your plastic surgeon or at least your primary care doctor to be evaluated. They can decide and order the MRI.  Good Luck. 

Worried about implants

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Hello, it is not possible to know if you have implant damage based on a description.  I would suggest booking followup with your plastic and reconstructive surgeon, who can do a full assessment then advise you whether an MRI is indicated.

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