Braces Removed - How Long Until I Can Get Veneers?

I started with a cross bite on my left side. I underwent SARPE surgery to widen my palate and then followed that with 10 months in braces. My arch and bite are corrected now, and I will be getting the braces off in a month. How long must I wait after the braces are removed to get veneers? I'm worried about the teeth shifting after veneers are placed, thus altering or damaging the appearance of the veneers. Will a new retainer (after veneers) prevent this? Thank you.

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Braces Removed - How Long Until I Can Get Veneers?

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How long do you need to wait after having your braces removed, before you have porcelain veneers? The answer is you CAN start right away as long as you have the right retainers. It's very important whether you have veneers right away or not, to wear your retainers faithfully especially for the first few months. 

You can have porcelain veneers prepared right away. If time allows, I would prefer to wait even a month for the gum lines to stabilize though. If the teeth are prone to shift or settle slightly, then the gum line can change slightly as well. That can affect the look of the final results.

The temporary veneers can act as an initial retainer. Once the final porcelain veneers are placed, you may need a new temporary retainer immediately, while a new long-term retainer is being made.

Like other cosmetic dentistry procedures, having the right cosmetic dentist will make all the difference in the final results. A great cosmetic dentist will coordinate what type of retainer you need with your orthodontist, so that everything works seamlessly!

Thanks for your question, Scott Greenhalgh, DDS.

Wait 3 months after braces before placing veneers

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While one COULD start sooner, the requirements to keep teeth in place during veneer fabrication run the risk of non compliance.  You are wise to be concerned about shifting after the braces come off.  In your case, it is likely that any shifting would be minimal, but ANY might be too much for you.

Three months is a normal conservative approach.  Even after the veneers are complete, wearing something for retention (a clear retainer or something similar) will help keep everything in place.

Veneers can be placed soon after braces removed.

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Veneers can be done soon afer braces because in your case it sounds as tho they were put on to stabilize your bite during surgery to open your palate and correct your cross bite. If your 6 front teeth were not moved much during your braces then there is no need to wait for veneers. A good perio cleaning of the gums and pocket probings are needed to make sure the gums are healthy and the gum line stable...Dr Thomas

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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After my braces are removed, how long to wait before veneers?

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I usually like to wait about 3 months after orthodontic movement to let the teeth "settle" as well and let the gums recover after all that metal is removed and you can clean your teeth much better!  Once your veneers are completed, I would recommend wearing some sort of retainer or mouth guard at night  (I'm assuming you'd already have one for the opposing teeth).  While you're waiting, you can always bleach first if that's been recommended as well.  Congrats on your commitment to your dental health and smile!

Gerilyn Alfe, DMD
Chicago Dentist

Give your smile a chance to settle after braces

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Congratulations on your major accomplishment!  You have a done a lot for your smile already.  Get out of your braces and let things settle. 

Get some good Invisalign type retainers.  I like my patients to wait at least 3 months to let their gums improve and then we evaluate how everything  looks to come up with our final dental treatment plan. 

You can even whiten while you are taking a breather and see how things look.  If you have one ugly crown or a couple, you can always have your dentist do a temporary restoration(s) so you look good but are waiting for your treatment of choice.

Have fun-Enjoy!! 

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Braces Removed - How Long Until I Can Get Veneers?

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Thank you for a great question. Obviously there are different opinions: if you ask 3 different dentists the same question, you might get a different answer. All three can be right though. As long as you follow a recommendation of the doctor you work with, it all will work out. One thing is for sure: lifetime retention will be paramount to a success of your great new smile.

Good luck!

Michael Ayzin, DDS

Retainers during dental work

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Hi. Congratulations on doing this treatment. This is a big deal and I'm sure you want it to turn out right. I would want to have you wear your retainers for a few weeks before doing the veneers. This gives your teeth a chance to "tighten up" after all the movement they just went through. Your dentist/orthodontist should make sure you have retainers at all times during this process. This will ensure that the teeth don't move and you get a good result with the veneers. Smile!

Deborah Petronio, DDS
East Aurora Dentist

How Long Must I Wear a Retainer Before Getting Veneers?

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If you were my patient I would put you in retainers for three months before doing veneers. Current research on orthodontic retention indicates there is no added benefit to retention after three months. In other words, the teeth take roughly three months to "settle" following orthodontic movements. You will need to consider some form of lifetime retention after the veneers are done to ensure that your teeth remain straight for the rest of your life.

Good luck!

Veneers after Orthodontics

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Congratulations on your decision for complete dental care. You should be able to move directly into veneers as long as you continue to wear a firm retainer. You may need new retainers during the temporary phase and after the permanent veneers. Enjoy your new smile.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

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