Will Dental Implants Restore Lost Volume in Face from Tooth Loss?

I'm considering getting Radiesse for lost hollows in face due to losing 3 upper molars 5 yrs ago. Would dental implants fill out the hollows or will I have to get fillers? I need to get bone augmentation to get dental limplants due to significant bone loss. Which is best fillers or dental implants to fill out the hollows on my face

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Dental Implants Can Restore Lost Facial Volume After Tooth Loss

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Hazel, this happens to be a great question as only a healthcare practitioner performing Dermal Fillers and Dental Implants would be best suited to take on your case.  One should always begin with the more permanent type of restoration and in this case, it would be your dental implants.  Dental Implants can restore lost facial volume after tooth extraction as they will serve to support the part of your face (cheeks, pre-maxilla) that has collapsed.  Implant supported crowns essentially hold or maintain the vertical dimension of your face.  Also remember your teeth support your lips and if you were to lose your front tooth, a wise option would be to replace the tooth before doing any filler.  The same principle should apply to the rest of your face.  Therefore, do the more permanent restoration first (dental implants and crowns) and then enhance your look with Dermal Fillers.   Good luck and keep us posted!

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