Dental Implant Screw Fell out?

my crown and abutment screw came off almost a month ago...i did my implants in INDIA..since i'm staying in different country, i cant travel there until the end of the year..the cost of dental surgery in my country very expensive,,,can i wait till the end of the year and get it fixed in INDIA? can it still get fixed?

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Dental implant screw

Dear garylinekar86,
At this point, the gum covers your implant, and in order to place your abutment and crown back, the implant has to be uncovered. If the screw isn't damaged, your dentist in India will be able to place your crown back.

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Implant screw fell out. Now what?

You should call your dentist in India and ask the name of the implant maker/company. At the very least, have him or her send you a COVER SCREW and then go to a local dentist to have it inserted. This will prevent the gums from growing over the implant and necessitating you to have a small surgery when it's time to replace the screw and crown later. If the screw and implant crown are in tact and not fractured, you may even be able to go to a local dentist and have him/her screw it back in. In any even, it's very important that your dentist from India email you or send you the name of the implant company 

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Dental Implant Screw Fell out?

Dental implants can be the longest lasting dental treatment that you can have. But even dental implants have their own set of frustrations or complications.

It's possible that you can wait until the end of the year until you return to India, but you will want to contact them now since you will probably need a few appointments. It's highly likely that the gum tissue will creep over the edge of the implant. If it's a little bit, that can be correctly quickly and easily. If it's a lot, then you may have to wait for that to heal, before a new impression is made for a new abutment and crown.

You may want to ask a few questions about why it came off, and what will they do differently to keep it from coming off again after this.There are a few tricks and techniques to keeping the screws tight. In general they shouldn't loosen up afterwards.

Crown and Screw Fell off of Implant

As long as there was no damage to the internal aspect of the implant itself, you should be able to have it fixed.  The implant will need to be uncovered and cleaned off prior to replacement.  If the screw threads broke off in the implant then this may not be possible.  Every implant system is different.  Call the doctor that placed your implant and ask what they recommend for you

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Implant and screw off

The implant will become covered with gum tissue It should remain healthy as the tissue will probably seal it. If you are ok having no tooth there for a few months, it should be ok. But it's best to replace it as soon as possible.


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