Young with tired eyes and Asian inner eye flap. Would a bleph solve this?

I am half Asian male and have been insecure about my eyes all my life. The flap over the inner part of my eye gives my face a "tired alien" kind of look. Also the flap above my eye is a little droopy making me look tired. You can see my eye here and the desired effect that I've created by using my fingers to prop up the skin. Is this achievable since I'm not only looking to remove skin above my eye but also that inner flap?

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Dont do the medial epicanthoplasty

I perform Asian eyelid surgery everyday and I may feel differently if I met you in person but I don't think you need a medial epicanthoplasty to get a look very close to what you are showing us here.  You likely can have either suture technique or incision technique to create a crease that is a bit higher and parallel rather than tapered which will also open up the inner corner.

You are most likely very young so I also want to caution you to think about this for a while. You can always do it between high school and college or in between quarters while in college right after college or even in your mid 20s, Etc. You most likely are good-looking person with good features. Think for a long time whether or not you really want to change this particular feature of your eye. Many things can be revised after Asian eyelid surgery but it is almost impossible to reverse the effects of changing the appearance of the inner part of your eyelid crease  and it is almost completely impossible to revise the medial epicanthoplasty.

When I say I perform Asian eyelid surgery every day I mean Monday through Friday everyday and I'm telling you to think this over before moving forward.

Chase Lay, MD

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Medial epicanthoplasty

Yes. The procedure you were describing is known as medial epicanthoplasty - surgical excision of the epicanthal fold which obstructs the medial/inner corner of the eye.  It's a procedure that is commonly performed in conjunction with Asian blepharoplasty to create a parallel crease and elongate your eyes.  Hope that helps.
Goretti H. Taghva MD

Goretti Ho Taghva, MD
Mission Viejo Plastic Surgeon
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