Bellafill at corners of mouth?

I had bellafill injected 2 months ago in the marionettes cheeks and corners of mouth and have developed a granuloma/hard nodule at one corner of mouth. It appears as a cold sore which one of those have also developed. Um going back to the dr who injected me for confirmation, but what are my options.

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Bellafill at the Corners of the Mouth

Bellafill is comprised of mostly of collagen and collagen injections have long nee known to make lumps. They almost always get better in time (usually 3 months). If you cannot see them, I always recommend just leaving them alone. If you can see them, serial injections with low doses of Kenalog 10, an injectable steroid used for things like scars, works very well. If the overlying area is red and blistered, then you may have a true granuloma, which is very rare, or you may well have a cold sore, which is much more common. A herpes culture would sort that out for you.

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Nodules after Bellafill

I suggest speaking to your physician. Massage, 5fu/steroid injections and venus legacy treatments can help soften the lumps. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Bellafill lump

I definitely suggest visiting your injector if you have recently developed the lumps. Anyone can have a reaction to the collagen in Bellafill, even if you had a negative skin test. As mentioned, there's always something to be done to improve issues, but you've got to let the physician do
hia job. 

Lee P. Laris, DO
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