Risks and Recovery Period of Deep Lipoma Removal?

I have what is believed to be a lipoma in the small of my back. It is considered large and deep. I have had some pain and a lot of tingling and feeling like my skin is crawling near my spine. Could this lipoma be causing this? What would be the risks and recovery period for a surgery in this area?

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Deep Large Lipoma

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Deep Large Lipoma need an MRI for diagnosis to know where exactly it is. Thereare lipomas that are in the muscle.

Large lipoma must be removed and not liposuctioned because large lipoma need a pathological diagnosis.

Only after the MRI can your surgeon tell you if the lipoma is the cause of your symptoms and the recovery period.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Deep lipoma better addressed by Tumescent Liposuction

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You are looking at potential scarring when traditional excision of deep lipoma is performed on the upper back. The recovery may take a couple weeks before you have full use of your upper body. Seek out a liposuction surgeon who has experience in removing lipoma using tumescent liposuction technique where the scarring would involve a couple small marks with recovery taking a couple days.

Lipoma removal of deep tissue lumps

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I perform many intramuscular lipoma removals and have found them to be somewhat more arduous than subcutaneous lipomas.  Expect a 5 to 7 day recovery.

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