2 days post botox and I have a lump across my chin. Should I let it heal or do I need more botox?

I had Botox on Thursday evening and when I woke up yesterday I had a bump/ ledge across my chin when I move my mouth in certain positions. The bump does not hurt and no signs of infection. My treating professional is overseas now for 2 weeks and I want to know whether to wait and the bump will go on its own or whether I need corrective Botox. I had one injection in the chin area. Also I have deep lines down sides of much in that were not there before. Thanks for any help- I really appreciate it!!

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Botox and Lump

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Botox is great for smoothing out the brow and other wrinkles on the face.  If you developed a lump or bruise after injection it will go away in a week or so.  No more Botox is necessary at this time.  The full effect of Botox takes two weeks so it is always best to wait a full two weeks before you add additional Botox.

Botox onset, bruising, etc.

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Thank you for the question. There are a coupe of possibilities here. First, Botox takes 3-5 days to exert its effect. So, if you are noticing a bump or a change in the area of injection prior to this time, it is likely related to the injection site rather than the Botox itself. This could be a little bruise, for example. Ice may be helpful and this should resolve in a few days.  If it has been more than 5 days, and you are seeing different lines or muscle activity, it is possible that a touch up would be beneficial. Sometimes making one muscle weak leads to an apparent increase in activity of a neighboring muscle. It's like a "tug of war" situation and can generally be addressed with small additional doses.  Take care.

Bump after botox in chin

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Areas of irregularity a few days after Botox or are usually related to a small amount of bleeding from the injection (either a bruise or small hematoma).  This will usually resolve within 2 weeks. Call your provider if this does not go away or the area becomes painful.

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Bump after Botox

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Initial raised areas after injections are usually at the site of injection.  Botox can take up to one week to begin working.  If the bump is still present at a weeks time post injection you should have the person who injected you assess the area. 

It's too early for the effects botox to be taking hold...

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any lump or bump you feel after only two days may be some bleeding under the skin or some minor reaction due to the shot itself...or even to more awareness of the area since your treatment...probably best if you just be patient and wait until your doctor returns...would assume you won't have any problems by then

Ken Landow, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist

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