Day 5 after Blue Peel - took a shower and allowed water to hit my face. Large pieces of skin came loose.

The skin under the loose skin is intact for the most part but there are pink blotchy areas on new skin. I have been coating areas with hydrocortisone ointment and bacitracin as MD advised. My next appointment is not for two more days and I am very upset that the shower caused the skin to detach prematurely!! Will these pink, splotchy areas resolve?? Help :-(

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Skin peeling after chemical peel

Skin peeling is common after your peel and will make your skin look worse. While your skin is healing, please protect it from sun exposure and be very gentle with it. Next time you take a shower, bend over to let the water hit you on the back of the head, so it trickles over your face rather than blasting it.

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Do not worry, it is a common situation. Use hydrocortisone cream as your doctor prescribes. Just avoid the sun and follow strict care.

Humberto Cantu, MD
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