Dark spots after Salicylic Acid peel normal? (Photos)

Used an at-home salycilic acid 30% as guided by the instructions and left on for two minutes. This is what my skin looks like a couple of hours after. Is this a normal effect or is it a sign of hyperpigmentation? This is a picture of the left and right cheeks.

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At Home Peels

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Thank you for your question. Please seek a consultation with a licensed skin care provider to address the concerns you are having to avoid the risk of permanent damage to  your skin. Make sure you avoid sun exposure and use mild products while your skin is healing. Absoulutly do not peel or pick at the skin as it sloughs off as this could cause worse complications. At home peels are never recommended, there are many things you need to be trained on before hand.

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Dark spots after Salicylic Acid peel normal?

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To save a few $$$ was not a good idea. Now you may have hyper pigmentation... Seek IN PERSON term or PS visits for therapy... 

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