Hydroquinone for Dark Circles? (photo)

Hydroquinone(4%) will cure the dark circles? If so, please suggest a brand and the usage. I look tired coz of my dark circles :( and I want to get rid of it ... Plzzz somebody help

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While hydroquinone can lighten pigmented areas of the skin, it is not recommended for under the eyes because the cause of the dark circles is unlikely to be caused by the skin pigmentation.  It is more likely that the underlying vessels or unevenness in the skin is causing the appearance.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can help you address this area.

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Hydroquinone will not make a bit of difference.

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This phenomena is optical.  It is unlikely due to excess pigment.  Do not waste your time and money of expensive creams.  An eye concealer is another matter.  These are make ups that function like liquid photoshop.  The key is finding a good color match for your complexion.

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Dark circles around eyes

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These can be very difficult to improve. There are many treatments and products depending on the etiology of the dark circles. See a PS and get a consult.

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