Can a laser remove a beige (skin color) tattoo? (Photo)

i had a beige tattoo on my brows for correction but sadly it doesn't match my skin color therefore it is visible..i would appreciate an answer

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Permanent Make-Up Removal

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Thank you for your question. While some permanent make up can be removed it is darker colors that tend to be easier to remove. Unfortunately, your tattoo has a chance of turning darker when exposed to the laser. I recommend finding a physician in your area that has success in removing permanent makeup.

Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

Permanent Make-Up Removal with Micropen TR

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Sometimes these tattoos can darken with laser tattoo removal. An alternative would be the micropenTR, which won't darken the tattoo, and can help remove in a series of treatments. See an expert in tattoo removal for a formal consultation. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Beige eyebrow tattoo

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While some permanent make up can be removed with Q-switch lasers, it is usually the darker colors that come off easier. Flesh tones such as your tattoo can turn darker with exposure to the intense heat of these lasers. However, there is vast differences in the kinds of pigments used in these inks. The best thing to do is to find a provider in your community who has successfully removed permanent make-up and ask for a consultation. They should be able to offer you a test spot to see if any treatment they suggest will work. Good Luck!

Adaeze Okeke, MD
Houston Physician
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Make up tattoo

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Permanent make up tattoos can, at times, be removed.  However, they may contain substances that can make them darker and treatment may not be successful.  Special care must also be taken when working around the eye.  I would recommend that you look for a provider who has specific experience with removing this type of tattoo and obtain a personal evaluation.  

Jeffrey Gosin, MD, FACS
Atlantic City Vascular Surgeon
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