Have I Done Damage to Sutures? Popped stitches

Two weeks ago today, I had abdominoplasty. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a jolt and felt a pain where there hadn't been pain before; on the left side below the ribs moving from side to center. It is sensitive to touch however that isn't anything new. I have been quite active the last two days and driving as I was told I could. Could I have popped a stitched or done any other damage? There is no swelling or bruising.

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Sudden pain in the tummy 2 weeks after a tummy tuck?

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Sutures are used to tighen the muscles of the abdomen, as well as to close the layers of the deep tissues in the abdomen.  If you feel a sudden pop and some discomfort, but no bruising and only mild tenderness in the area, it is unlikely that any major damage has occurred.   However, it is a good idea to see your surgeon for a checkup after one of these episodes.  Remember that it is a bad idea to do heavy lifting after a full tummy tuck with a muscle repair until after your doctor says you can do so.  Sutures are so strong now adays that you are likely to have the deep sutures cut through your muscles like the fancy cheese wire slicers cut through blocks of cheese.  Some people have softer, less fibrous tissues that don't 'hold a stitch' very well.  It is important to follow the surgeons instructions so that you don't do any damage.

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Pain in abdomen two weeks after surgery

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Having some pain after resuming acitivity shortly after a tummy tuck is probably normal. If you have concerns, consult with your surgeon.

Pain in tummy tuck muscle repair.

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A popping sound may be the initial sign of disrupting a muscle stitch. With time, a bulge which may be more apparent when attempting to sit up from a laying down position. Let your doctor know. He/she may have you get an ultrasound to diagnose this for sure.

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