Why do you say Sculptra is not permanent? The new created collagen will not go down faster than the existing collagen (Photo)

Why doctors all say Sculptra is not permenant? I'm disfigured by 1 vial of Sculptra 7 months ago. If new created collagen cannot go away faster than the existing collagen , how can you say people will go back to their initial face shape in 2 years? It'll change your face shape permenantly,right?

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Is Sculptra permanent?

Results from Sculptra are not permanent.  The Sculptra stimulates tissue thickening and collagen production, but this effect goes away after about 2-4 years.  There are potential treatments that can be done to help with any unwanted Sculptra results, so I would discuss this with the physician who treated you.    

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Sculptra and Results

If you are unhappy with your Sculptra treatment; Venus Legacy and 5fu/steroid injections may help reverse the effects. You may also consider other dermal fillers to correct and contour any facial asymmetry. I suggest consulting with a facial contouring expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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Takes time

Sculptra by itself (polylactic acid) is metabolized to lactic acid and taken away by the body.
All the sculptra goes away over time and you tend to go to your previous state despite the buildup in collagen.

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