Are there any negative effects for having Halo done on eyelids if I deal with extreme dry eyes?

I'm am planning on having a Halo treatment done on my eyelids, but I have a concern because I have extreme dry eyes. Has their been any patient experience with this. I would hate for it to worsen the problem. Thanks for your help!

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Dry eyes and halo

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Thank you for your question. I see no reason why your dry eyes would be  a contraindication to a Halo treatment. We have done more than 700 Halo treatments in my office and I have not had anyone have dry eyes as a side-effect of the treatment.  I hope this helps! You are going to love Halo!

Halo Eyelid Treatments

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Thanks for your question. In our office we do Halo eyelid treatments very frequently and both I and my staff have had it done - the results are great!

It is normal for eyes to feel somewhat more dry and itchy for the first week of the healing period - even in patients without normally dry eyes. This is because Halo stimulates a significant histamine response in the treated skin and that includes the skin around the eyes. For that reason, we give all the patients we treat with Halo on the eyelids both benadryl and Systane to use during that first week. After that first week, there is no reason to expect a lasting impact on your baseline dry eyes.

Rebecca Gelber, MD
Incline Village Physician

No dry eyes from Halo Laser in our experience so far

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We have not had any issues with the Halo laser treatment affecting the dryness of eyes in our experience. (According to Sciton, the company that makes Halo lasers, we have done more Halo lasers than any other practice or location in the world.)

Mark Hagberg, MD
Edina Family Physician

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