How much does Kybella cost these days? Per treament? Total cost? I was quoted by a spa on January 2016 $1400 for the procedure.

it could take up to 4 visits. I was told that price cover all visits (if needed) by 3 different persons.I bought several different services at the first visit. had my first kybella treatment that day. I go back for my 2nd kybella treatment but 3rd visit to spa for services, they tell me I owe an additional $1400 forkybella. My receipt just shows Kybella and $1400 price. I am not sure now what to do since I don't have anything in writing they said alltreatments would be covered under $1400. suggestions?

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How much does Kybella cost these days? Per treament? Total cost? I was quoted by a spa on January 2016 $1400 for the procedure.

Hello Kybella1234,

Each Kybella treatment has a cost associated with it.  It can be priced per vial (what most do) or per treatment area.  Most people will be treated with 2-3 vials at a cost of around $1,200 to $2,000 per treatment.  It takes at least 2 treatments and in some cases 4 to get a result.  This should have been made clear prior to you starting the process, because 1 treatment alone won't accomplish much.  If you want to see a result, you will need to continue treatment (or simply lose the initial investment).  You can also consider liposuction but this without a skin tightening procedure in someone over age 35 may not provide a nice result (younger skin tends to contract so liposuction alone in younger patients is a good option).  

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Kybella costs

It depends on how the spa priced their Kybella treatment -- by the session or by the number of vials used. Your best bet would be to ask them for a breakdown. It does typically take 2-4 sessions to see your final results so this doesn't seem out of the norm.


Kouros Azar

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Cost of Kybella

The quote for $1400 per treatment seems about average.  Generally speaking, each treatment of Kybella will require 2 vials of the medication, and most physicians charge between $600 and $800 per vial.  Price will vary based on region and practice type.  Keep in mind, many patients will require 2 or 3 treatments in total.

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Kybella is simple but expensive

Kybella treatments for under the chin fat typically requires 2-4 vials, and 2-4 treatments, sometimes more.   Pricing tends to be based on vials, which you can also think of as severity of the fat, or the surface area that needs to be addressed.  A mild case is typically going to be about $1,200, a moderate case $1,500 and a severe case $1,800 or more.  (For a severe case I would steer the patient away from Kybella and towards liposuction.)  Mild cases tend to need fewer treatments than severe cases.  

It sounds like you only paid for one treatment.  It would have been helpful to have something in writing.  I don't personally trust the personnel in spas to give accurate information.  They typically have very little medical training.  I have also heard that many med-spas use hard-sell tactics.

I would encourage you to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist in your area.  It is your neck and face after all, shouldn't you be going to the experts?

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Kybella and Price

Kybella is a very expensive procedure and it can take two to four (or sometimes more) treatments to treat this area.  Each session will cost approximately $1500 per session.  Only physicians are allowed to administer this product.  I suggest you return to the spa and discuss the issue.  It is always best to consult a board certified physician for cosmetic injections.  Cool-mini is another great option for this procedure.  Best, Dr. Green

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Kybella treatment

The price you were given should have been per treatment or for a package.  The Non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments are similar in price.  It will usually take 2 treatments on average with Kybella.  CoolSculpting can be used to treat this area in a completely noninvasive was as well with the CoolMini device.  Another more invasive option is liposuction of the area.

Kybella Pricing

Kybella is very expensive.  It makes sense that it would be roughly 1000-2000 per treatment.  This should have bene made very clear.  I suggest you continue treatemnts or consider liposuction which often is cheaper than the full effect of kybella long term.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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