Will a breast lift help side boob bulge? (photos)

I can't find bras to fit at all because of the side boob bulge. I wear sports bras that have no support. I need I had a breast reduction done in 1990. I gained weight and developed side boobs. Once I have lost all my weight is a breast lift feasible to remove the side boobs or do I need a different procedure?

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Side boob

Thank you for your question and photos.
It appears you will need an extended incision to reach that area even if you were to loose weight. Consider a breast lift revision employing The Horndeski Method. THM creates better cleavage with fewer scars and long term results. Take a look.
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Will a breast lift help side boob bulge

It appears that the side boob, as you call it, is more lateral chest and back fat than breast tissue. You could consider some liposuction to reduce the fat in that area and give you some better contour but there might be some loose skin afterwards

Julio Garcia, MD
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Breast lift result

Yes I think a breast lift will resolve the excess skin as long as the incision is extended far enough to fix the axilla. If you also have excess fat in the axilla contributing to the bulge, then adding liposuction would help. Good luck.

Scott W. Vann, MD, FACS
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A breast lift procedure to improve all the scars from the prior reduction along with liposuction of the sides would address this.  Best wishes, Dr. T

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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Side boob?

The fullness in the lateral breast/backroll region can be treated with liposuction or possible direct excision of skin and fat.  

Steven Wallach, MD
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Will a breast lift help side boob bulge? Extended breast lift.

Thank you for the questions and pictures. I think that you have a good understanding of what may be necessary once you have achieved your long-term stable weight. The breast reduction scars can be extended laterally along your chest wall to remove any residual skin/tissue present in that area.  This procedure may involve excision of skin/tissue plus/minus liposuction surgery. Many patients in your situation would prefer to have the extension of the scars in exchange for improvement of contour of the areas (upper lateral chest and infra axillary areas). Best wishes as you work towards your goals.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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