How can I get rid of my thin skin and bruising on the top of my hands and arms. I am now 69 with no wrinkles around my eyes?

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Hand Rejuvination

Hand rejuvenation for your concerns is possible and something you should consider reviewing with an experienced plastic surgeon during an in person consultation. Based on your question, you should consider dermal fillers for your hands. Through dermal fillers in the hands you will experience an increase in volume which will help diminish the visibility of your veins.

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Radiesse is a FDA approved filler for hand rejuvenation. This is a calcium based filler with a special property to stimulate collagen production. Therefore it lasts around two years. The treatment can nicely replace volume loss and hide all the visible tendons and veins. As an initial step, one syringe of filler is considered for each hand. Similar to our face, hands can also reflect aging. Therefore sufficient treatment can take away years of aging appearance. The procedure is quick and painless.

Best of luck

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Thin skin....

If your doctor says it's OK stop any supplements or medications which thin out your blood then you should do so......

I like Sculptra under the dermis to build up collagen and "thicken" the skin of the forearm. In the hands, I prefer Radiesse. 

For spots, you can consider IPL.....

Good luck, Dr. Aldo

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Improving aging hands and arms

Bruising of the hands and arms happens increasingly as we age for a number of reasons:  1) over the counter and prescription anticoagulant supplements and medications like fish oil vitamin E, aspirin, ibuprofen (and other NSAIDS), Coumadin and medicines like Plavix and Xarelto, 2) Chronic sun damage (called Solar Purpura) and 3) Age (called 'senile pupura').  

Reducing anticoagulants that are not medically necessary may help - but don't stop any medication without checking with your primary physician. Products and procedures that improve the quality of the skin - gentle cleansing, moisturizing, alpha hydroxyl acids and retinoids - may reduce a small amount of the bruising but once the skin and vessels are that fragile, it is difficult to stop their formation. 

However if you also have volume loss of the tops of the hands, filling them with Radiesse can both improve the hand contour and because Radiesse is a white gel, camouflage the bruises.

I hope that answer was helpful. Best wishes.

Heidi A. Waldorf, MD
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