Can you knock a stitch out by hitting your stomach after a tuck?

I hit my stomach after a tuck. The closet door knob accidentally hit me in the stomach it bounced back when I pushed it open. it still hurts do you think I just bruised it? there's no way I could of knocked a stitch out you think?

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Complication after hitting tummy on door knob following surgery

I agree, there is a possibility of some bruising and/or a torn stitch. I would recommend a follow up visit with your surgeon. An exam would be needed to know for sure.

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Bumped tummy after tummy tuck--damage?

You didn't say how long after your accidental stomach bump you still have pain, how long after surgery this occurred, how big and heavy the door was, and even with physical examination it may be impossible to answer.

Yes, you do have a bruise, and yes there IS a possibility of a torn-through stitch. But the reality is that your surgeon used more than one stitch, and the strength of your muscular repair increases as healing goes forward. If you have a visible bulge it could be a collection of blood or fluid (hematoma or seroma), or a stitch could have torn through and allowed a hernia bulge. Though this is unlikely (especially since I suspect you would have mentioned that in your question if it was present), anything is possible.

If the pain persists, or if you develop a bulge, see your surgeon. If not, you're (probably) fine! I do hate that word "probably" but that's the truth, so at this point I will wish you well and continued good healing! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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