Cutaneous Depressions from Laser, Is It Permanent?

Do Cutaneous depressions from facial laser vein removal around nose fill in? Are they temperary?The Cutera laser was used.Got blistered ,now dealing with Cutaneous depressions.Would Retin a help?thanks.

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Cutaneous depressions after laser therapy for facial veins can be treated

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Thank you for your question.

A picture would have helped.

These crevices can be considered to be akin to rolling scars or rolling acne scars and can be treated with sublative RF energy as in eMatrix or fractional lasers. Sometimes, if the surrounding skin is soft, a bit of facial filler can stimulated collagen deposition and correct the deformity. 

Post Laser Skin Depressions

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Thank you for your question. This can happen when the vein collapses, and leaves a void.  Have some fractional laser done around the depression, and inside.  This plumps it back up, and it heals nicely.  Wait for at least 2 months before you begin therapy.  I like fractional CO2 lasers over the area.  This may be repeated in 3-4 months if needed.  Success has traditionally been very high. Be sure to be under the supervision of a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon with expertise in laser surgery for the best and safest results. I hope this helps.

Depressions in skin post laser treatments

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The depressions in the skin after the treatments are due to collapse of the vein or blood vessel treated. The volume lose may improve with time and may be enhanced by fractional laser, Retin-A, Ultherapy, or any other collagen stimulating method. If deep enough fillers maybe an option as well.


Best of luck! 

Depressed scarring after vascular laser treatment

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Occasionally depressed scars occur after vascular laser treatments performed around the nose.  In most cases these areas of depression improve.  Topical retinoids or other products that help stimulate collagen production may help these scars fill in more quickly but plan on allowing at least 6-12 months before assuming that no further improvement will occur.

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Skin depressions after laser

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i would have to see pictures of the depressions to answer this competely.  not sure retin a would be that helpful. fraxel laser 1550 might be helpful as it works great with acne scars.

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