Hypopigmentation After VPL Treatment for Thread Veins, is this Permanent? (photo)

Dear Drs,I had VPL treatment(thread veins)on Dec,2011.Saddly,I got superficial 2degree burns.I try 2be optimist but 2.5mo later I still have hypopigmentation.2-3areas are almost back 2normal,but I really worry that those remaining are becoming scars.I try to massage topically 2improve blood supply.These areas become pinkish with warm water & with massage,& pale with pressure.CouldUplease,if possible,tell me if this hypopg looks permanent or if my melanocytes will work?How long could it take?Thx!

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Hypopigmentation after laser vein therapy for spider veins is uncommon - Buffalo Niagara, NY

Hyperpigmentation after sclerotherapy and laser vein therapy does occur and eventually fades away.

HYPOpigmentation is rare but can occur in darker skinned individuals, which given your picture does not seem to be the case.

Unfortunately, they are not likely to normalize and you should seek guidance from the treating laser specialist. 

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Hypopigmentation after laser vein treatment

I would consult with your treating physician. Unfortunately, hypopigmentation is usually perrmanent but there may be some topical creams that you can use to stimulate melanin production. Good luck

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