Crowned Tooth with Emax and Its Highly Sensitive, Please Advise?

Recently I fixed my teeth by emax veneers.two of my teeth were crowned .now I'm suffering from not being able to bite on one of those crowned teeth.i did an X-ray my dentist said there is nothing wrong with my tooth.he gave me two weeks to recover or other wise he will do root ten days after seeing my dentist the problem still exist.i can't bite on it .its painful.pls advise

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Will Sensitive E.Max Crowned Tooth Need Root Canal?

An x-ray of your painful tooth should show two things, if the crown fits the tooth properly, and if the the tooth has died and already abscessed into the bone.  It cannot show the health status of the nerve inside the tooth beyond those two things.  If your tooth is sensitive to hot and cold relieves the pain, this is indicative of a dead tooth.  If your tooth is sensitive to cold, this indicates the tooth is still alive, but very irritable.  If it is sensitive to biting pressure, the first step would be to adjust the bite so that it does not hit as hard when you bite.  If it does not hit and still causes pain, then the nerve may have irreversible damage and need that root canal or tooth removal.

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Sensitivity from an EMAX crown

The bonding process when inserting an all ceramic crown such as EMAX can sometimes cause some sensitivity depending on how much of the tooth was prepped and how close the crown restoration is to the pulp (nerve) of the tooth. The type of sensitivity is also very important and diagnostic (hot, cold, biting etc.). The pain on biting is often an occlusal prematurity (high spot) which should be adjusted as quickly as possible. If your dentist insists "nothing is wrong" I would seek another opinion.

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Give your dentist another call

Sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing with one of the teeth.  Placing a crown on a tooth can be a fairly traumatic experience for that tooth and could force an unplanned root canal procedure.  In addition, it sounds like you had a lot of new veneers/crowns and your bite may be struggling to adjust.  You are wise to look at all options before committing to a root canal.  Check with your dentist to see if he evaluated your bite/occlusion in the area where you experiencing pain.    Do you have a history of clenching/grinding (bruxism) at night?  Even if you do not, with so many new teeth, your musculature may be trying to adjust to your new bite and you might be clenching/grinding.  If you are not wearing the correct type of night guard for your problem, your dentist may be able to fit you with a temporary anterior style guard to rule out bruxism as a culprit.

There are other factors at play here.  I am assuming the tooth in question did not have sensitivity/pain prior to receiving a crown.  Is the pain you are experiencing getting better/worse/stable?  What is the level of discomfort you are experiencing?Ultimately, you and your dentist know your case/history best. If you feel comfortable that your dentist has addressed all your questions and you are both comfortable that a root canal is the only option remaining, then that might be the price you have to pay.  Otherwise, you may wish to seek a second opinion from another dentist.

New Crown Painful

Anytime a procedure is done to a tooth there is a possibility the nerve may be damaged.  Nerves in teeth have a poor healing ability and we can never predict how much trauma a tooth can endure without the nerve becoming a problem.  Before a root canal is done be sure the bite is not heavy on the new crown as that can also cause symptoms you are describing.

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Invasive preparation or occlusal problem

your dentist might prep the tooth too much and the crown doesnt have a proper fit, or he didnt check the occlusion properly.might have a precontact when u bite or point of interference during protrusive or lateral movement.illl double check

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