Crescent Lift Scars

I'm currently in the entertainment industry, I will be getting silicone gel implants and maybe a crescent lift. How long will it take for the scar to be unnoticeable, due to the fact i have to take my shirt off?

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Scars and the "crescent" breast lift

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First I would strongly advise against and condemn the so-called crescent breast lift. In my opinion it is ill-conceived and wishful thinking that it actually lifts the breast or raises the nipple-areola. The scars are poorly controlled and tend to be worse than other lift techniques. Even peri-areolar scars and lifts which do have at least some lift effect are rarely worth the scars. The best results are seen in women who didn't really need a lift. If you truly need a lift, something that can be determined by exam, then a proper lift with what is called a circum-vertical or "lollipop" incision is the best way to accomplish it. Breast implants do not lift breasts. They can simulate it or provide a lift effect but they don't actually lift the breast. 

Scars around the breast or anywhere on the skin are not something that can be guaranteed. The best plastic surgeons can do is tell you where they're going to be, why they have to be there or how long they have to be, and how we do everything we can to help them heal uneventfully and mature/fade out over time. Most incisions are healed well enough to start using moisturizers and/or makeup to conceal them. Eventually, particularly around the areola, they can be colored in by permanent makeup techniques (tattooing). During the maturation process of 3-12 months or more you want to avoid anything that would irritate or stimulate them. Friction, drying and cracking, and sun are the worst offenders. 

Even a previous scar on the breast is no guarantee of how a new one is going to look. Some parts of the breast heal scars better than other parts and of course everyone is different in terms of how they scar.

There is also no way to improve on normal healing and scar formation/maturation. The various techniques to "erase" or minimize scars are only helpful in abnormal scarring and most, such as lasers, are overrated. 

I would avoid the crescent lift and even the periareolar lift if you don't seriously need a lift and use a properly sized and positioned implant to fill out the breast and give it a lifted effect using a 2 cm scar in the inframammary crease for saline-filled implants and about a 3 1/2 cm scar for silicone gel-filled implants.

Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Crescent lift scars usually heal very well

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Most likely you can cover the scars with make up and have your breasts exposed in about two weeks. In general scars of crescent lift fade well within 3-5 months after surgery. but this also depends on the extent of the lift and your skin tone/color.

Crescent Lift

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The crescent or periareolar mastopexy is ideal for patients with mild ptosis who require lifting the nipple no more than one to two centimeters and little changes in overall breast shape. During this operation, a periareolar incision (i.e. an incision placed at the junction of the breast skin with the darkly pigmented nipple/areola skin) placed at either the superior aspect of the nipple-areolar complex or surrounding the entire nipple-areolar complex is used. Through this incision, the skin envelope covering the breast tissue is reduced and the breast tissue can be reshaped to a small degree. The advantage to this operation is the minimal amount of scarring which is hidden at the border of the breast skin and areola. The main disadvantages of this operation are that it is not powerful enough for patients with large degrees of sagging, poor skin quality, or flaccid breast tissue. Additionally, the incision placed at the junction of the breast skin and pigmented areola may widen with time, cause flattening of the apex of the breast, and cause “pleating” of the skin that may take several months to resolve.

"Crescent" Breast Lifting?

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Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately,  scars associated with breast lifting will always be potentially “noticeable”.

I do not recommend “crescent" breast  lifting;  the operation does very little to improve the position of the nipple/areola.  on the other hand, it is associated with a significant rate of complications such as spreading of the areola and or elongation/distortion of the areola.

Best wishes.


Crescent lift scars

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You may hope for the best, but prepare yourself for the worst. I have seen some truly ugly scars from a crescent lift...wide and hypertrophic (red and ropey)...along with a stretched, oval-shaped, large areola.  Yes, you may be one of those who will get decent scars, but I have never seen crescent scars (or for that matter, periareolar "Benelli" scars) that are as inconspicuous as the periareolar scars that result from an augmentation alone.  Using an incision for simple access is different than excising skin to perform a lift and closing the incision under some tension.

In someone who is counting on exposing their breasts for their career, and counting on these scars to be almost invisible, which they will probably never be, you should be prepared that they may be noticeable enough that removing your shirt in this way is no longer an option.


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Camouflage make up, lasers, and over-tattooing your scar can all be used for successful hiding of your scars until they fade which can take up to a year. 

I have given up on the crescent lift

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I completely agree with Drs. Stridde and Grenley.  I used to do crescents on people who needed a little lift with implants but stopped becasue the scar creates a sharp edge around the top half of the areola and often the lower edge is naturally not sharp so the scar shows more.  It can thicken also.  It can also elongate the areola into an icebox shape. 

Contrary to some others on this answer train, I do perform full periareolar lifts and am happy with the scars as long as you are not trying to push the limits of this surgery.  The areolar shape is rounder and the scar goes all the way around so it is less noticeable in my experience. 

But all lift scars show and may not be acceptable in your industry.  But if you need a lift to look good, you can always use professional makeup to hide the scars. 

Crescent Lifts, Scars, and Implants

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In my opinion, the crescent lift is not a useful or cosmetic procedure. It accomplishes little other than putting a scar halfway around your areola, without providing any useful "lift". Usually there is tension on this scar (by definition there has to be if it's going to lift) and the scars tend to widen over time. For someone in the entertainment industry this is not a good outcome. Also scars in this location look unnatural and they almost always elongate your areola - another negative outcome.

This type of lift seems to get recommended to people who are on the cusp of needing, or who truly do need a breast lift, but are not willing to accept the scars of a more complete lift. The cresent lift is offered up as a compromise, often along with a larger implant. However, the result is usually not an aesthetic breast shape, a persistently ptotic breast, and an unnatural lift scar with little or no benefit.

Crescent breast lift scars take months to fade

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The crescent breast lift is designed to remove skin above the nipple to lift the breast, and is most often combined with breast augmentation. The scar will fade as the periareolar scar does, though it may take several months. Waterproof make up can also be used to conceal the area until it has faded in. Note: the crescent lift is often not worth the scar as there is little lift appreciated from this procedure. You might want to rethink placement of scar on the nipple.

Best of luck,


Scars after breast surgery

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Scarring after crescent breast lift can be visible for months after surgery. It takes one year for scars to mature and fade to normal skin color. However, with dark lighting, and coverup makeup like dermablend, you can likely go back to work when ok with your physician and the scars will be inconspicuous. I am also not a "fan" of crescent lift-risks can be areolar distortion,  and scar widening with insufficient nipple/areolar lift. 

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