350cc Silicone - Approximately How Big Will my Breasts Get?

I'm 39 y/o 5'6 and weigh 180lbs. My rib cage is 38 in. Consulting with getting a breast lift and implants done. I currently wear a 38C in victoria secrets. I have mild to moderate ptosis with lateral fullness. My sternal notch to nipple distance is 25 on the right and 25.5 on the left. The aerola to fold is 5.5 bilaterally. The intermammary distance is 1.6, base width 15.4 on the right and 15.8 on the left. My ? is using 350cc silicone implant smooth round moderate what size may I end up?

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Cup size

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This is a very common question. The reality is there is no way to determine what YOUR cup size will be for a few reasons.
First, cup size is determined by each store and even in each store you will find different cups that fit you. For example, Victoria's Secret has different lines and each line has a slightly different fit. There is even a store in Manhattan that will tell you you are a C cup even if you are flat chested just to give you an ego boost.
Second, each patient likes a cup size that fits HER best in her own opinion. I've had patients who are clearly in the A cup range who don't mind "swimming" in their big bras filled with "chicken cutlets" and I've had other patients who were clearly in the D cup range who like the look of "popping out" of their bras so they wear B cup bras.
Since cup size is both made up by stores and based on the individual style of the patient, it is impossible to predict.
With that said, I use cup size as an idea of what style patients want. Meaning, if a patient is an A cup and says "I want a D," it's a certain implant, whereas the same patient saying "I want a B" is a different implant.
Hope that helps.
Dr. Freiman

Cup Size and Breast Augmentation

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Cup sizes after breast augmentation is tricky to predict.  If you are a C cup and adding 350 cc you will be a large D or DD if I had to guess.  I really try to get my patients to focus less on the "CUP SIZE" and to focus on our goal to produce full, nicely shaped breasts that fit the patient's body frame.  

Dr. ES

How much bigger would a 350cc Breast Implant Make me?

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It is obvious that you and your surgeon worked very hard to pick the best implant for YOUR chest and breast tissue. But- I am also sure that a colleague of mine who is that meticulous and dedicated to detail also must have told you that there is NO direct and predictable correlation between an implant volume and bra cup sizes. Bra cup sizes VARY ENORMOUSLY between different manufacturers (A C cup in one is never a Ccup in another and they do not all feel "right" because they are NOT the same). As a result, it is ethically impossible to predict bra cup size based on implant volume. I THINK you will go up just over a cup size in your particular bra line. I would encourage you to stay with your surgeon. It is much more important to have an implant picked which fits your chest than trying to fill a desired scientifically inaccurate bra cup. Good Luck. Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Cup sizes are extremely complex to predict.

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Though it's apparent that you've already had a number of very important measurements taken such as base width diameter, intermammary distance and so on, predicting cup sizes before surgery is still extremely tricky because of the number of variables involved. 

For starters, cup sizes are often inconsistent between different bras, even those made by the same brand. Also, keep in mind that you're not only getting an augmentation, but also a lift, which means your final result (and therefore your cup size) will also depend on the type of lift you get and the amount of skin removed. Furthermore, even without the lift, the amount of cc's it takes to increase a cup size varies from one woman to another.

In my experience, these factors along with several others make trying to predict cup sizes too difficult no matter how much time we spend during the consultation. This is why I suggest not aiming for a certain cup size and instead aiming for a certain breast size and shape.

I hope that answers your question on cup sizes. It’s great that you’re doing this research. I always say that the best patients are informed patients.

You might also want to research your options for breast implants. Choosing the right implant is the number one concern among women considering breast augmentation. Did you know, there’s actually a way to select a implant shape, size, and profile that is perfect for you?

A term that I use with my patients for the perfect implant is the “Pony Implant”.

So what do I mean by “perfect”? Well, a Pony Implant has three qualities to it. First, the implant meets your beauty goals. For example, you want to your breasts to look fuller while still appearing natural.

Second, when you chose your Pony Implant, you walk out of your consultation 100% confident that you’ve chosen the right shape and size for you. In other words, you won’t be second guessing your decision, and you won’t be afraid of having gone too big or too small.

And third, after your procedure, you are thrilled with your results, and say, "I’m so happy. This is exactly what I wanted!"

That’s the Pony Implant. And the great news is that there is a simple process to go about finding yours.

This issue of selecting the right implant is so important when it comes to patient satisfaction or dissatisfaction that, again, I really encourage you to learn more about it.

Thank you for reading and best of luck on your journey!

William Rahal, MD
Beverly Hills Physician
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How big will breasts be after silicone implants

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There are many factors that contribute to the final size and appearance of breasts after breast implant placement.  Your height, weight, chest circumference and shape, volume of breast tissue, and degree of ptosis can all contribute to the final outcome. Certain bra manufacturer's bras are smaller than the stated size.  Your current bra makes your actual breast size more like a B cup.  Adding 350 cc to a B cup breast will probably get you to a D cup.  Though it is difficult to estimate final breast size without an exam to determine your current breast volume. Trying on sizing implants in a non-padded bra may help with your final choice.  This can be accomplished at home with a knee high nylon stocking filled with a measured amount of dry rice or oatmeal (in cc's), shape it into a round "implant." Implant size is an important decision to make and experimenting with sizers will help you make the right choice.

Gregory M. Fedele, MD
Beachwood Plastic Surgeon
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The results from 350 cc breast implants

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There is not a direct correlation between cup size and implant size. However, 350 cc breast implants would probably result in a D or DD cup. 

The size of the implants are based on a combination of a patient's goals and objectives and her anatomy. In order to provide a natural looking augmentation, the surgeon needs to evaluate many factors including soft tissue coverage, skin laxity, chest wall width, breast imprint width, the shape of the breasts and relative level of constriction to ensure that the breast implants are appropriate for your body. 

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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No correlation or formula exists with implant volume and final bra size.

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Your answer is on of the most commonly asked.  Unfortunately since no consistency exists between bra sizes among the various manufacturers, one can only estimate what your bra cup will be post-op.  A system that we have used over years is to simply have the individual try on different implant sizes under a non-padded bikini top and see if the aesthetic desire in size is being met.  Although an approximation, it seems to work for us in that my patients achieve the goal desired with respect to size increase post-op.

Best wishes,

Sergio P. Maggi, MD, FACS

Director- Austin Plastic Surgery Center

350cc Silicone - Approximately How Big Will my Breasts Get?

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This is a good question and it seems obvious that by knowing the implant size you could then predict the final bra size. However, it's actually more difficult than that. Unfortunately, bra cup sizes are not standardized and vary between manufacturers. In my office, I encourage my patients to not focus on the cup size of the bra, but instead find a goal look that they like. If we accomplish that goal look, then the procedure is a success and we only find out the bra size once a formal bra fitting has been performed. It's a rough estimate, but in general every 150-200 cc of breast implant will increase the breasts size by one cup.

Size after augmentation

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If you are a C cup and get 350 cc implants, you'll likely be a full D (approximately). However, remember that bra size will vary depending on where you're sized (Victoria's Secret vs. Nordstrom etc...) so that indicates that it is a variable rating, and should not be too much of a concern. As long as you feel comfortable in the implant size when you do your sizing, you should like the volume after surgery no matter what a retailer sizes you as. Best of luck!


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It is somewhat difficult to predict, but most likely for you a cup size is going to be about 200cc.  I would predict you will go up in size 1-2 cup sizes, depending on the bra, with implants of this size.    I predict you will be in the full D cup size range.

Jeffrey D. Wagner, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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