Juvederm Coupons - Juvederm Rebate

On Mad Money, the CEO of Allergan said they are offering $100 coupons for Juvederm. How do I get a coupon, and where can I use it? Would this be, in effect, a Juvederm Rebate?

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Juvederm rebates

I would check with your injector practice on the current rebates, as they change from time to time.  I would also make sure that your injector is part of brilliant distinctions and aspire, as they are the two leading loyalty programs for injectables.

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Brilliant distinctions

Juvederm is a product sold by Allergan, which has a program called Brilliant Distinctions where points are earned from treatments which can be used for future treatments.

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Juvederm Coupons - Juvederm Rebate

 Juvederm and Restylane (Perlane) often have rebates for patients that come and go.  Right now there are rebates for Dysport, Restylane and Perlane.  It's best to ask the MD that does your filler treatments as we always have the latest rebate information.  

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Yes Juvederm has a $100. rebate until Dec 31st

The $100. rebate is a coupon that gets mailed in after you pay"full price" for your filler at the time of injection. the physician needs to give you the "lid" from the syringe to send in with the coupon, which the injector also needs to fill out and sign.

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Coupons with fillers

Some of the companies that sell the filler product run special rebate campaigns. It really depends upon the company and the time of year.

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Botox and Juvederm Special Pricing in Raleigh NC

There are different specials through Allergan regularly. Sometimes these specials are exclusively through the top  providers of Juvederm, Botox and Latise.  Currently, there is a $100 rebate for Latisse through Allergan. Some practices offer special pricing for people who donate to charity. Our office is offering 50% off Juvederm for people who donate grocerieis to children in the Boys and Girls Clubs.

You may want to check the specials page or subscribe to the newsletter of the top providers of Juvederm and Botox in your area.

Please click on the video link below to learn about Allergan's Loyalty program to start receiving rebates

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Rebate on Juvederm

I would go to the website of allergan or do a google search for Juvederm to find out how to do it.

Allergan runs different specials every month or so. Your injector in your area can help you get a discount.

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Allergan coupons

Allergan, as well as other dermal filler manufacturers, are providing various promotions. However, they change often so you may wish to visit their websites for details.  The websites should also direct you to the offices that accept the coupons, but you may want to call as the information on the websites may not always be up to date.

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Juverderm Rebates & Offers

The easiest way to get your answer is to go to Allergan's website.  You will be directed to a list of practitioners in your area that are participants in any rebate or promotional offers.  With competition between manufacturers, most will have rewards and incentive programs that you may sign up for.

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How to use the Juvederm coupon

Juvederm is an excellent hyaluronic acid based injectable that can be used effectively for facial contouring.

Juvederm is commonly used around the lips, the smile lines, the marionette lines, under deep wrinkles, under deep scars, and even under the area of the eye. The makers of Juvederm are currently offering a $100 discount if you use 2 syringes of Juvederm. Our office is participating in this promotion.

In our practice, we let the patients use the Juvederm coupon even if they only by a single syringe. Keep in mind that although Juvederm is effective and quite popular in its results will last a long time making it essential that you work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has great deals experience in facial rejuvenation and using fillers so that the results you got to be consistent and pleasing.

Pat Pazmino, MD, FACS
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