How Much Would It Cost to Remove a Mole on the Underside of the Penis?

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Mole removal

First, I would recommend that you have the lesion examined by a physician, preferably a dermatologist. If the lesion is concerning enough, it will be biopsied and sent to a lab for microscopic analysis. This would be covered by insurance if it requires testing. If this is being done only for cosmetic purposes, then the cost would be approximately $300-$400 assuming it is a small lesion. Larger lesions would naturally be more costly. But do have it examined if you are concerned at all about it.

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Cost for mole removal on penis

The cost of a single mole removal is usually a few hundred dollars, at most. But it's important to get an evaluation of any site that is growing or changing in any way for proper diagnosis and assessment.

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With out an examination and determining the exact diagnosis and the size and type of excision one can not give an advise. See a plastic surgeon for that.. Cost is important, but a proper diagnosis and discussion of the plan of treatment and risks are important to understand.

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