Are my Mole Excision/cauterization Scars Healing Properly? (photo)

I have two moles on my face removed a week ago, and they aren't looking great. The doctor was very unprofessional. For aftercare, all he told me was to let it dry out to form a scab. I also asked him when I could go swimming again, and he said 'Tomorrow'. He initially told me he was going to suture them after excision, but instead cauterized both of them. I've been keeping them bandaged and moist with polysporin and occasionally coconut oil. Please adivse.

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Mole sites healing properly?

It is best NOT to let removal sites scab as this is what forms scars or divets. While not all mole removal sites need to be sutured, and it appears your site was shaved off so it wouldn't have needed suturing, it is imperative to keep these sites cleaned and well gooped up. I recommend keeping them clean with 1/2 peroxide and 1/2 water, and moist with polysporin. Do not let them scab. Swimming is fine if you'd like.

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